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Calendar. 10.28.08.

A detail from I’ve Stuck Around, Through Thick and Thin, 2008 by James Gobel. Felt, yarn and acrylic on canvas. (Image courtesy of Steve Turner Contemporary.)

Calendar. 10.14.08.

Kimberly Weiss at the Paper Boat in Milwaukee. (Image courtesy of Paper Boat.)


Calendar. 10.07.08.

Isidro Blasco, in Shanghai at Last. (Image courtesy of Black & White Gallery.)

Photos: Mike Stilkey at Kinsey/DesForges in L.A.

Mike Stilkey @ Kinsey/Desforges
Dog Playing Dead, by Mike Stilkey. (Photos by Vidalia.)

West Coast correspondent Vidalia made it to Mike Stilkey’s solo show, Slightly All the Time, at Kinsey/DesForges in L.A. this past weekend. She got some nice pix of Stilkey’s new installations, which include paintings on stacks of discarded books, as well as other, more traditional materials. The show is up through August 16th.

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Photos: Zhang Huan at Pace Wildenstein in NYC.

Zhang Huan at Pace Wildenstein
Zhang’s ash painting, as it was being produced. (Photos by C-M.)

Photos from the opening of Zhang Huan‘s show at Pace Wildenstein. It was totally over the top. In a good way. His most prominent piece was a giant ash painting, which was created on the surface of adjoining six-foot tall concrete blocks. You have to climb several steps, up onto a scaffolding, to see the piece, which was being touched up by a young woman in white, who would float over it and flick little piles of ash on various strategic locations. I was afraid to sneeze.

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Photos: Steve MacDonald + Rachel Budde at the Paper Boat in Milwaukee.

Steve MacDonald & Rachel Budde
Embroidered piece by Steve Macdonald, aka the Ramblin’ Worker. (All photos courtesy of Paper Boat.)

Artists Steve MacDonald and Rachel Budde came together for a new exhibit last week at the Paper Boat Gallery, an independent arts space in Millwaukee. The folks at the gallery were kind enough to put up a very nice Flickr set that shows opening night proceedings. If you’re in Milwaukee, this looks like it’s definitely worth checking out. The show runs through the end of the month.

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Photos: Idolatries/Idolatrías by Hector Canonge.

Hector Canonge Idolatries/Idolatrias
A view of Canonge’s Idolatries/Idolatrías, with Sarita Montiel on the screen.

At the closing party for the CINE-REAL exhibit at MediaNoche, in NYC, I spent some time playing around with this seriously rad interactive sculpture by multimedia artist Hector Canonge. The piece consists of an array of 16 Latin American food products – from pickled jalapeños to condensed milk to pork rinds – each of which features a Latina on the packaging. There’s a virginal-looking milkmaid, mother-figure types, and, of course, fiery ladies – like the woman on the La Morena tin, who is just bursting with attitude. (Love her.)

Viewers can then scan each of these products with the grocery scanner (on the wall, to the right) and it launches a clip of vintage Spanish or Latin American cinema, which features a woman that resembles, in look and demeanour, the image on the grocery product. It was an innovative exploration of the whole virgin/mother/whore archetype in Latin American culture. I’m just bummed that I didn’t make it to the show’s opening, so that I could have touted this sooner…

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