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Miscellany. 05.21.13.

An installation view of the atrium at Gutai: Splendid Playground, at the Guggenheim.
Work (Water), an installation by Motonaga Sadamasa. Part of the exhibition Gutai: Splendid Playground, at the Guggenheim in New York, which closed earlier this month. (Photo by C-M.)

Calendar. 05.15.13.

Gemini capsule petroglyph by Kevin Sudeith
A petroglyph of the Gemini Capsule, by Kevin Sudeith. Part of the artist’s solo exhibit, Modern Petroglyphs, at 308@156 Project Artspace. Opens Thursday at 7pm, in the Flatiron District. (Image courtesy of the artist. Plus: see my WNYC profile of Sudeith from last year.)

Calendar. 05.08.13.

Saw Over Want, 1980-82 by Carolee Schneeman at PPOW Gallery
Saw Over Want, 1980-82, by Carolee Schneeman. Part of the artist’s solo exhibition Flange 6rpm, at PPOW Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea. (Image courtesy of the artist and PPOW.)

Calendar. 05.01.13.

Zak Smith from Maximum Everything Always
A painting by Zak Smith. From the artist’s solo exhibit, Maximum Everything Always, at Fredericks & Freiser in New York. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea. (Image courtesy of the artist and Fredericks & Freiser.)

Photo Diary: Susanna Heller at Magnan Metz in NYC.

Rolling Thunder (Night for Day), 2013 by Susanna Heller at Magnan Metz

Waiting for Dawn, 2011, by Susanna Heller
From top: Rolling Thunder (Night for Day), from 2013; a series of sketches; and Waiting for Dawn, 2011.

LAST CHANCE: There is an absolutely stunning show of paintings by Susanna Heller on view at Magnan Metz in Chelsea. The show includes her signature brooding landscapes, but there are also a couple of walls of sketches (worth examining) as well as a suite of works that chronicle her husband’s illness. In these latter pieces, I almost felt as if I could smell the rubbing alcohol and hear the blip of the heart monitor. The machinery in these images seems to have a disconcerting life of its own. I simply couldn’t look away.

The works are absolutely staggering for their intensity, intimacy and visual punch. Do not miss this show.

Susanna Heller, Phantom Pain, is on view at Magnan Metz through this Saturday, April 20. 

Miscellany. 04.14.13.

American Folk Art Museum in New York (Photo by Dan Nguyen)
MoMA to the American Folk Art Museum: Drop Dead. (Photo by Dan Nguyen/Flickr.)