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A year-in-review (sort of).

Spied on our cross-country sojourn: A pick-up truck, outside of Austin, Texas.

It’s been a weird year. I drove back roads across the U.S. Threw a fish across state lines. Stared at an artist in a museum atrium. Taught art yoga. Spent the summer watching a “reality show” about art. Rowed around Randall’s Island in a handmade boat. And joined a religious procession in the Andes. I’ve covered most of these activities here on the blog (or over at WNYC). But a few things have eluded me — either because I just haven’t had time to get them down in pixels, or because I hadn’t quite sorted out my thoughts.

So, in lieu of a year-end listicle (I produce enough lists throughout the year), a little bit of stream-of-consciousness ruminating instead:

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Obligatory Year-End Round-Up: The 420 List.

Stonerrific: Chrysler Wallpaper by Thomas Bayrle at the Venice Biennale 2009. See it large. (Photo by San Suzie.)

Because everyone and their mother has a year-end list wrapping up all the newsy, important stuff in the known universe, the staff here at decided to stay away from topical affairs and dedicate its list to the people from 2009 we most want to eat pink cake with.

Happy 2010, everyone! See you in the New Year…

xox, C-Mon + San Suzie

Things from ’08 that we don’t want to deal with in ’09.

Starting with…election coverage of any kind. (Photo by mlitty.)

  1. Obamart and Obamerch. Please stop. He’s a politician, not the second coming.
  2. Ironic mustaches.
  3. YouTube graffiti-making videos set to hip-hop soundtracks. Like watching paint dry. Literally.
  4. Stories about the death of print.
  5. Stories about the death of blogging.
  6. Self-designated architectural movements.
  7. Any art involving excrement or bodily fluids. If we wanted to admire turd logs, we’d get a dog. 
  8. Bailouts.
  9. The use of the word “intervention” in art or architecture. Unless it’s describing some burned-out celeb and a gram-bag, put it to rest.
  10. Artist-led auctions.
– with reporting by San Suzie and Yvonne Connasse.

The 2007 Year-End Dead-People Montage.

Dust to Dust

Photo by cyberliesl.

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Things from ’07 that I don’t want to deal with in ’08.

Bush one of the worst disasters
Starting with this clown. Photo by jasonmontague.

  1. The Celebrity Industrial Complex.
  2. Any art that utilizes images of Mickey Mouse or Marilyn Monroe. It’s been done. To death. Please stop.
  3. Douchebags.
  4. The use of the term “eco” as a ploy to sell people more shit.
  5. Starchitects.
  6. Visual art that requires an essay-length text on methodology to make the piece on display seem interesting.
  7. The phrase “design-conscious,” especially when referring to children. (They shit their pants. Does anyone think they really care about mid-century Modern?)
  8. Classist museum policies that allow women with Samsonite-sized handbags to breeze in, but force me to stand in Soviet-era lines to check in a backpack.
  9. The notion that Rudy Giuliani is a viable presidential candidate.
  10. The Art Bubble.  
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