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Bits and scraps: An installation about all that remains after we die.

Nothing Else Left, 2013 by Adriana Salazar at the Grand Central Art Center
A view of Nothing Else Left, 2013, at the Grand Central Art Center. (Photo by C-M.)

Colombian artist Adriana Salazar has a pair of very stirring installations at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and the California-Pacific Triennial at the Orange County Museum of Art. My story about her work (and her very unusual research methods) is now up at KCRW. Please tune in!

Photo Diary: Teach-In at Cypress College Art Gallery.

Nationwide Museum Mascot Project
Costumes worn by the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (more about them here). I really dug these as pieces of sculpture.

Nationwide Museum Mascot Project
A photo shows the SFMOMA mascot working the museum’s lobby.

Nationwide Museum Mascot Project
With that crafty basket head and those plaid paints, the MoMA mascot was the design antithesis of its staidly modern namesake. (And way freakier than the museum’s Martin Kippenberger.) Would pay cash money to see this one wandering around the museum’s architecture gallery.

Nationwide Mascot Project's MOCA mascot.
The MOCA mascot. The cardboard sign is a nice touch.

Marshall Astor
Plus: Marshall Astor’s Portrait of An Eye. The circle of videos was strangely absorbing (especially the ape playing the drums).

Okay, so I’m embarrassingly late to this exhibit. Unfortunately, it already closed. But if you live in the vicinity of northern Orange County, Cypress College Art Gallery has a student show opening on May 9.

Find me talking to Richard Jackson at Artbound…

Richard Jackson's

The floor underneath Jackson's

Wall Murals for Orange County, installed by Richard Jackson at OCMA.

Hey Folks:

I’ve got a profile of the inimitable L.A. painter Richard Jackson up at KCET’s Artbound. Jackson is one of those under-recognized SoCal figures with a penchant for producing ephemeral works. Which means if you didn’t see it the first time, chances are you didn’t see it at all — he’s not big on producing saleable objects. Now he’s got a retrospective up at the Orange County Museum of Art through May 5.

Please click through to the KCET piece and give it a thumbs up or a Retweet if you can. If the story gets a lot of traffic, then KCET does a TV segment. And I desperately want to see a TV bit about Jackson — who is a funny, smart, no bullshit kinda guy.

Update: the piece is now up for vote on KCET’s website. Please click through! A vote for Jackson is a vote for artistic pandemonium!!!

You’ll find a few more pics from opening night after the jump. If you live in the greater SoCal area, this show is worth the haul.


Photos above, top to bottom: Jackson’s “Bad Dog” relieves himself on the side of the museum, the floor underneath “Painting With Two Balls,” and a pair of his site-specific wall murals.

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Why everyone should see the Pageant of the Masters once.

My latest at KCET Artbound, on one of O.C.’s more long running and amazing-surreal traditions: the Pageant of the Masters, a series of tableaux vivants that are all about art.

Above, Pageant members and volunteers stage Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii. (Image courtesy of Pageant of the Masters.)