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Austin Frat Party Redux: The Maison Erectheum Group Photo.

The group shot. Taken well before the kegstands got everyone crunky. (Image courtesy of Fluent Collab and Santiago Forero.)

Remember that conceptual art frat party I went to Austin? Well, the group shot is out — and we’re in it. (And I think my hair is bigger than my head. (Dang humidity.) Anyhow, it’s all pretty darn collegiate-looking if you ask me. And all I gotta say is that New York could use more stuff like this (aka free beer and chips and salsa in someone’s backyard). Larry Gagosian, please get on it.

Thanks to the folks at Test Site for the good times (and the photo).

Roadtrip Diary: Partying like a frat star in Austin.

Partying hearty with the faux fraternity types. (Photos by C-M.)

While in Austin, @ktsmither gave us a tip that Test Site, a city arts lab, was hosting an event by artist Michael Smith (a.k.a. Baby Ikki). He and curator Jay Sanders had transformed a tony home in a well-to-do neighborhood into an art frat house — ΟΣΦ, Omicron Sigma Phi — and were staging a “reunion” party (complete with keg). From what I heard, the neighbors got slightly ruffled at the idea of some possibly vomitous revelry moving into the area. But fortunately this was a gentlemanly fraternity, channeling an a-capella-group-from-Amherst kind of vibe. So, we spent a pleasant afternoon drinking beer in the name of art — and then everyone gathered for a group shot on the front lawn. An all around excellent afternoon, made better by the fact that it’s now been enshrined as art.

Learn more about Test Site here.

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Bow to the Art Industry: Art Yoga with C-Mon, this Friday at 2pm.

Bend over backwards for the sake of your budding career. (Photo by gadgetgirl.)

If you are in desperate need of a yoga class and a few art gags, please join me this Friday, March 5th at 2pm at the Winkleman Gallery for the first (and probably only) session of Art Yoga With C-Mon, part of #CLASS.

Get body and mind ready to navigate the spiritual and physical hazards of working in the art industry with this 75 minute yoga class geared at those who want to re-contextualize the nature of liminal space while doing core-strengthening exercises that will keep them lithe enough to be considered for art/fashion spreads in T Magazine. We will begin with sun salutations to performance artist Marina Abramovic and do spiritual readings from the pages of  ArtForum.

Jokes aside: This will be an honest-to-goodness hatha vinyasa yoga class (yoga with flow) — with plenty of artsy twists. (I am a trained yoga teacher: Om Yoga Center, 2003.) So, if you’re a starving artist type and want a FREE, fun yoga class (or you simply want to cleanse your mind and body after attending all those dirty art fairs), please come!!

Please arrive promptly at 2pm. Bring a mat and wear comfortable exercise clothes. This class is open to all levels. First come, first served.

Art Yoga With C-Mon
Winkleman Gallery
621 W. 27th Street (btwn 11th & 12th Aves)
Friday, March 5th @ 2pm sharp

#CLASS is organized by William Powhida and Jen Dalton.

Get motivated for #CLASS.

If only all art press releases could be this unbelievably awesome. These are the images that came through with Schroeder Romero & Shredder‘s announcement detailing the motivational speaking of Rod Verplanck CSP. Some of the text from the release:

This extraordinary live event will entertain you, challenge and transform you. Let his words of inspiration give you the tools you need to make it to the top of the Contemporary Art World. He will teach you how to “seize the day!” by acting on every passing impulse no matter how trivial or unkind, in order to unlock the suprising power in your self importance. Step by step, he will lead you to contemporary art’s Holy Grail.

This sounds like a must-see. Plus, it weirdly makes me want to get an ear piece and pretend I’m holding a baby. Catch him at #class at Winkleman Gallery on Saturday, March 6th at 6pm.

Never Can Say Goodbye at the Former Tower Records Space in NYC.

To the Extreme: Artist Brent Birnbaum channels his inner Ice during his poster signing/performance at Never Can Say Goodbye. (Photos by C-M.)

As any old school New York City hoodrat can tell you, back in the days when the hair was big and the Internerdz didn’t exist, the Tower Records space on lower Broadway was a place of pilgrimage for all things music. In addition to being the spot where you could find plaid-shirted rock nerds deconstructing the various minor schools of punk, it was the only store in the city where you could also get Lowrider Magazine.

The store closed four years ago. But last Friday night, the non-profit group No Longer Empty resurrected its spirit for a night of music-related artsy goodness in a group show called Never Can Say Goodbye. The space, which has been sitting empty since Tower shut down, was filled with music-inspired art, featuring everything from a mock record shop to an in-store poster signing/performance by Ice Ice Maybe (the Vanilla Ice-esque alter-ego of artist Brent Birnbaum). There was also vodka, red wine and plenty of rock and roll hedonism — so much so that I decided to get my boob signed. Later I hurled on a cop car and trashed a hotel room. And all I gotta say is: Sharpie is a bitch to wash out.

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