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Calendar. 03.06.13.

Utagawa Hiroshige II (1826–69), A White Cat Playing with a String, 1863. Courtesy Minneapolis Institute of Arts
A White Cat Playing with a String, 1863, by Utagawa Hiroshige II (1826–69). Part of the exhibit Edo Pop, at the Japan Society. Opens Saturday, in Midtown Manhattan. (Courtesy Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Bequest of Richard P. Gale.)

Calendar. 04.25.12.

Times, 2011, by Stanley Donwood. Part of an 18-foot panel showing the destruction of L.A. at the artist’s solo exhibit Lost Angeles, at Subliminal Projects. Opens Saturday at 8pm, in Echo Park. (Image courtesy of the artist and Subliminal Projects.)

  • L.A.: Mickalene Thomas, The Origin of the Universe, at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Through August 19, in Santa Monica.
  • Dallas: Erwin Wurm, Beauty Business, at Dallas Contemporary. Through August.
  • NYC: Freehand Jobs, a group show at Pandemic Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm, in Williamsburg.
  • NYC: Charles Yuen, at Valentine. Opens Friday at 6pm, in Ridgewood/Bushwick.
  • Plus, see all my latest New York picks over at Gallerina

Photo Diary: ¡No Habla Español! at Pandemic — an all around good time.

Celso’s wall of chicha, with C-Monstruo shout-out. :-)

Internacional Privados: An original chicha poster from northern Peru.

A view of the mini chicha disco. Sensory overload in a mere 16 square feet.

Opening night for Celso’s ¡No Habla Español! at Pandemic was all kinds of fun. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. We danced, we drank, we danced some more — in a teeny weeny discoteca — into the night. The show is up through April 2nd, so you have plenty of time to shake some ass in the mini-disco. Plus, there’s always the closing party (April 2nd at 7pm). See you there!

An addendum: Public Radio International’s show Afropop has an excellent show on the history of cumbias. They have a whole section devoted to Peruvian chicha cumbias, describing their origins and their use of those super duper psychedelic surf guitars. If you want to get a sense of what these Peruvian chicha posters are all about, give this program a listen. Also, here’s a photo essay devoted to Elliot Túpac Urcuhuaranga, of the family behind Publicidad Viusa — makers of chicha posters.

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C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: A print by Aaron Johnson.

Bad Precedent, by Aaron Johnson. (Image courtesy of NOWhere Limited.)

Hey Folks:

The folks at NOWhere Limited, an online prints shop out of Colorado, along with artist Aaron Johnson, have kindly given us a print to give away on C-Mon. Y’all know the drill. Leave a comment and it could soon be hangin’ on yer walls.


Imagined Artist Vacations: Christopher K. Ho at Pulse.

& Leisure, Christopher K. Ho’s project for the artiste with wanderlust. (Photos by C-M.)

When I’m not not making a living as a blogger, I spend a fair amount of time doing travel writing (a genre that is as sublimely ridiculous as arts writing). Which is why Christopher K. Ho’s travel-related project at the booth manned by Mexico City’s EDS Galería, at the Pulse NY art fair, caught my eye. In it, Ho’s fictional travel consultancy, & Leisure, plans vacation itineraries for well-known artists. Suggested trip for Barbara Kruger: a shopping excursion in Dubai. Olafur Eliasson gets blasted off into space for a zero-gravity flight experience. And the naughty Santiago Sierra is dispatched off to Rome for a session with the Pope.

You can view the entire project at the Winkleman Gallery, where it initially debuted in 2007. (Boy, am I timely, or what?) Better yet, scroll down for a few of my pix from Ho’s installation at Pulse.

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