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Calendar. 06.09.11.

Swampy, in Oakland. The artist has a solo exhibit coming up this weekend at Fifty24SF, in San Francisco. Things get started this Saturday, June 11th, at 7pm. (Above image courtesy of

  • Portland, Oreg.: Jack Pierson, Twilight, and Mise-en-Scène, a group show, at Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Through July 16.
  • Los Angeles: For a Long Time, Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, Raymond Pettibon and others, at Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Culver City. Through August 6.
  • S.F.: Sign Your Life Away, with Steve Powers, Jeff Canham and New Bohemia Signs, at Guerrero Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • Fort Worth: Focus: Teresita Fernández, at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Through June 19. (…might be good.)
  • Chicago: Avant Garde Art in Everyday Life, at the Art Institute of Chicago. (And while you’re there, be sure to check the African art galleries, which will display a textile made from the silk of a Golden Orb spider. Like, whoa.) Opens Saturday.
  • LAST WEEK — NYC: Live From Detroit, a group show, at Fred Torres Collaborations, in Chelsea. Nice to see a show featuring Detroit artists rather than outsiders doing ruins porn. I really dug the paintings by Dick Goody. Through Saturday.
  • PLUS: get my up-to-date New York City recommends over at WNYC.

Calendar. 03.29.11.

Undocumented Interventions_13, by Julio César Morales. Part of the solo exhibit Contrabando, at Frey Norris, in San Francisco. Opens this Saturday; reception at 4pm. (Image courtesy of Frey Norris.)

Calendar. 11.16.10.

Flesh Of High Places, by AJ Fosik. On view at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, through Dec. 4. (Image courtesy of Guerrero.)

On an unrelated note:
I was interviewed by the ADVERVE podcast, in which I talk about writin’ and journalism and psycho Peruvian bus rides that involve bolsitas de barf. Check it!!!

Calendar. 11.09.10.

Jay Adams, by Glen E. Friedman. Part of Friedman’s solo exhibit Fuck You All at 941 Geary in San Francisco, through Dec. 31. (Image courtesy of 941 Geary.)

Photo Diary: The 75th Anniversary Show at SFMOMA.

Better Late than Never: Photos from my visit to SFMOMA’s Anniversary Show this past June. It was a pretty dang incredible gathering of works, which included some early Clyfford Still and Jackson Pollock, as well as Richard Diebenkorns from various eras — not to mention the truly show-stopping Barry McGee, among many many others. If you live in SF, don’t miss. The show is up through Jan. 16 at SFMOMA. (All photos by C-M. Place cursor over image for caption info; click on images to supersize.)

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Photo Diary: Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection, at SFMOMA.

‘Cuz all those Gap khakis bought a buttload of art: My very long photo essay of the Fisher Collection show at SFMOMA. Above, Spider, 1995, by Louise Bourgeois.

Untitled (Rome), 1971, by Cy Twombly.

Not part of the Fisher collection, but pretty fracking spectacular nonetheless: The Mondrian cake at the museum’s rooftop cafe. I ate the Thiebaud cake. Photos of art — and cake — after the jump.

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The Digest. 03.05.10.

Anti-Mass, 2005 by Cornelia Parker a the DeYoung Museum of Art in 2008. (Photo by C-M.)

Today is Art Yoga with C-Mon Day at Ed Winkleman. You can participate via the live web stream at the official #CLASS website, starting at 2pm ET.

Calendar. 03.02.10.

Eureka Day, by Jessica Hess. Part of the exhibit Temporal Surfaces: New Works by Kevin Cyr and Jessica Hess at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. (Image courtesy of White Walls.)