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Calendar. 03.08.11.

SoundSuit in Motion, by Nick Cave. Part of the exhibit Nick Cave: Meet Me At the Center of the Earth, at the Seattle Art Museum, which opens on Thursday. (Image courtesy of SAM.)

First, A Little Self-Promotion: I’m speaking on a panel about the changing media landscape this Wednesday, March 9 at 6pm at the UJA in New York City, as part of an event organized by Smith College. The line-up includes lady journos from the New York Times, ABC, CNN and the AP. Admission is $30 ($20 if you’re a member of the Smith College Club of New York). If you’re into all things media, please come!

  • Portland, Ore.: Alex Felton, Kevin Abell and Israel Lund, Yucks, at Ditch Projects, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • S.F.: Pablo Guardiola, Jet Travel, at Romer Young Gallery, opens Saturday.
  • S.F.: Game Over: Video Game-Inspired Art at Giant Robot SF, through March 30.
  • S.F.: Ben Eine at White Walls Gallery, opens Saturday.
  • Oakland: Splendors of Faith/Scars of Conquest, at the Oakland Museum of California, through May 29. While you’re there, check out the companion show, Contemporary Coda.
  • L.A.: Jesse Reding Fleming, Desert, at The Company, in Chinatown, opens Saturday.
  • L.A.: Retratos Pintados, hand-painted vernacular portraits from Brazil, at RoseGallery in Santa Monica, opens Saturday.
  • L.A.: Clare Rojas, Inside Bleak, at Prism in West Hollywood, through April 2.
  • Chicago: The Age of Aquarius, at the Reniassance Society, opens Sunday.
  • Miami: Hernan Bas at Fredric Snitzer Gallery, opens Saturday at 7:30pm.
  • NYC: Maya Bloch at Thierry Goldberg Projects, through April 3.
  • NYC: Gary Baseman, Walking Through Walls, at Jonathan Levine Gallery, through April 2.

The Sound of Art.

A sound sculpture for the Coney Island Museum by Ranjit Bhatnagar and Nick Yulman. (Courtesy of ranjit.)

Hey Y’all:

Paddy Johnson over at Art Fag City is in the middle of a pretty dang rad project called the Sound of Art. She has gathered all kinds of audio taken from a variety of New York City art spaces, which she will cut-up, remix and otherwise smash the hell up. As part of this, she’s raising some bucks to create a vinyl LP — something I can totally get behind since I provided the sound of my heartbeat. The record, ultimately, will pit the art sounds of Brooklyn against Manhattan.

Anyhow, Paddy is in the midst of a Kickstarter funding drive for this project, for which she needs to raise a total of $10,000 so that she can get the record pressed. As of this writing, she’s already more than halfway there. Pitch in a mere $20 and you could be the proud owner of an LP (old school!) and an MP3 (impress your friends!) of the work. Pledge more and you could be the proud owner of a Phillip Neimeyer lithograph or a screen print by Michael Smith or a painting by Aron Namenwirth. If you’re a moneybags and you kick in the remaining balance needed, Paddy will call the Pope and beg for beatification. Okay, not really, but close.

I’d really like to see this take off — not to mention be able to have a piece of vinyl that contains my beating heart in some sort of artsy remixed form — so PLEASE contribute. I’ve kicked in myself.

You can donate right here. Help a blogga out!!!