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This Friday, in Brooklyn: Paint it Now.

The Fowler Arts Collective has gathered all manner of streety types for a combined mural project called Paint it Now that will debut this Friday at 7pm. The above image is from one of the exhibit’s previous incarnations at the Distillery Gallery in Boston. Now organizers Thomas Buildmore and Scott Chasse are bringing it to NYC, making this a good opportunity to get your black and white on — all while checking out works by Darkclouds, Celso, Nineta, Royce Bannon, Damon Silver and many others. See y’all there!

Photo Diary: ¡No Habla Español! at Pandemic — an all around good time.

Celso’s wall of chicha, with C-Monstruo shout-out. :-)

Internacional Privados: An original chicha poster from northern Peru.

A view of the mini chicha disco. Sensory overload in a mere 16 square feet.

Opening night for Celso’s ¡No Habla Español! at Pandemic was all kinds of fun. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. We danced, we drank, we danced some more — in a teeny weeny discoteca — into the night. The show is up through April 2nd, so you have plenty of time to shake some ass in the mini-disco. Plus, there’s always the closing party (April 2nd at 7pm). See you there!

An addendum: Public Radio International’s show Afropop has an excellent show on the history of cumbias. They have a whole section devoted to Peruvian chicha cumbias, describing their origins and their use of those super duper psychedelic surf guitars. If you want to get a sense of what these Peruvian chicha posters are all about, give this program a listen. Also, here’s a photo essay devoted to Elliot Túpac Urcuhuaranga, of the family behind Publicidad Viusa — makers of chicha posters.

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The Digest. 02.09.11.

¡Sin Esperenza ni temor!, by El Celso, a poster made in the chicha style — a collaboration with the esteemed Fortunato Urcuhuaranga at Publicidad Viusa, in Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

Congrats to JP for winning the C-Mon Giveaway for Skateboarding.3D.