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Calendar. 10.04.12.

An embroidered piece by Allison Manch. Part of the group show Declarative Sentences, which also contains work by Mackenzie Boetes and Ries Niemi, at Punch Gallery. Opens today at 5pm, in Seattle. (Image courtesy of the artist and Punch.)

Calendar. 07.18.12.

On Some Far Away Beach, 2012, a Coogi sweater piece by Jayson Musson. Part of the artist’s solo exhibit, Halcyon Days, at Salon 94. Through August 17, on the Lower East Side. (Image courtesy of the artist and Salon 94.)

  • Honolulu: Comforts for the Soul: Arts for the Afterlife, at the Honolulu Museum. Through November 4.
  • L.A.: Michael Heizer: Actual Size, at LACMA. Through September 9, in the Fairfax district.
  • NYC: Ghosts in the Machine, at the New Museum. Opens today, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Oscar Medrano Perez, an exhibition of photography related to Peruvian human rights, at the Instituto Cervantes. Opens Friday at 6pm, in Midtown. (Medrano took one of the most poignant photos of the country’s Internal Conflict. I featured it as the top image on this post I wrote in 2009, when I visited the Yuyanapaq exhibit at the Museo de la Nación in Lima.)
  • Detroit: Post-Industrial Complex, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Through July 29. **Last two weeks.**
  • NYC: Style Wars, a look at graffiti in contemporary culture (sounds interesting!) and Revolution Not Televised, contemporary Cuban art and practice, at the Bronx Museum. Opens Thursday, in the Bronx.
  • NYC: Mark Flood, The Hateful Years, at Luxembourg & Dayan. Opens today, on the Upper East Side.

Calendar. 05.02.12.

George, by Ries Niemi. Part of the exhibit The Hair Show, at the Argyle, in Bellingham, Wash. (Image courtesy of Niemi.)

  • Seattle: Text Editor, a group show, at Soil. Opens today.
  • L.A.: You Don’t Know Jack, at Katherine Cone Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: JEFF&GORDON, Used with Deceit, at Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center. Opens Saturday at 5pm, in Venice.
  • Chicago: Dawoud Bey, Harlem, U.S.A., at the Art Institute of Chicago. Opens today.
  • Philadelphia: Paint It Now, at Space 1026. Opens Friday at 7pm.
  • NYC: Sculpture Garden at the Onderdonk House. Opens Friday at 6pm, in Ridgewood.
  • Plus: Get all my latest New York picks over at Gallerina

Calendar. 04.05.11.

The Decision to Flee, embroidery on paper, by Ries Niemi. Part of Niemi’s solo exhibit, That’s Not How I Remember It, at Punch Gallery in Seattle, opening Thursday. (Image courtesy of Niemi.)

Calendar. 01.18.11.

Detail of a sculpture by Lacee King. Part of the group show Life of the World to Come, organized by Timothy Buckwalter, at NIAD’s Gallery, in Richmond, Calif., opens today. Reception on Saturday, Jan. 22 at 2pm. (Image courtesy of King.)

The Digest. 02.22.10.

Ambush in Quadrant 4, 75″ x 88″ quilt, by Jimmy McBride. (Image courtesy of McBride.)