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Posting notice: Edward James Olmos meets Larry Gagosian edition.

If there’s one thing I love about any movie or TV show that features Edward James Olmos (think Miami ViceBlade RunnerBattlestar Galactica) is that at some point in the proceedings, the bad guys will be off doing something truly awful and Olmos will seethe — under his breath — something along the lines of “Find them” or “Get them.” And it always sounds really badass. (See video above.) I like it so much that I’m hoping to incorporate this into everyday conversation as much as possible. (Eg. Husband: “Do we need milk?” Me: “Get some.“)

In other news: no Digest today. I’ve got a ton of frackin’ work to do. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy this terrifically speculative story in the New York Times business section about Larry Gagosian, which quotes nobody of real significance, but which concludes that the gallerist could get hit really hard by the economy or he could just ride it out. (How’s that for definitive?) Sadly, it barely makes reference to Damien Hirst. 

Plus: Jonathan Jones at the Guardian is P.O.’d at art. “It has become the enemy of truth, the murderer of decency.” Whoa, Jonathan! Time to get on the happy pills…

And, late update: A rad video of the Saltz-master groping the wares at Armory. What I would give to party with this guy. For reals!

The C-Mon Questionnaire: The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore, Senior Black Correspondent, and author of I’d Rather We Got Casinos.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with art. But I dig the Daily Show. And last week, at a very crowded, very noisy downtown bar I assaulted Larry Wilmore, the program’s Senior Black Correspondent, and managed to rope him into helping us kick off a new, irregular feature for the blog: the C-Mon Questionnaire.

It didn’t hurt my case that Wilmore is promoting a new book, I’d Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts. The comedian has done time as an ink-stained wretch before, serving as a writer on programs such as In Living Color and Bernie Mac – and he is now in the process of developing a show for HBO. He was kind enough to answer our incisive questions about who he’d like to see duke it out in a celebrity death match and what kinda chocolate he’d like to be. 

* * *

When you were a kid, what did you like to draw?
Rocket ships. I was a huge space fan. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid. It didn’t happen because I have bad eyesight. Plus, at the time, NASA wasn’t very brother-friendly.

What’s the desktop wallpaper on your computer?
I have an image of a lone helicopter in the sky. It was during the writer’s strike — on Hollywood Boulevard, last year. I just shot an image of the sky and there was one lone helicopter there.

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The annals of television: Morning show edition.

television garbage
Wishful, by Kevin Steele. From a set called tv garbage.

Last week, in a not terribly outdated issue of the New Yorker, I happened to read a remarkable essay by Charles Van Doren about his role in the 1950s quiz show scandals. While learning about Van Doren’s personal history was fascinating, more fascinating was this bit I found mid-way through the piece. In it, he talks about being a contributor to NBC’s Today Show in the late ’50s:

. . . before long Dave [Garroway, the first host of the show] gave me a daily five-minute spot at the top of the hour in which to report on cultural and literary events; I read a great poem or two every Friday morning and talked about its author.

Flash forward half a century. Here is the type of cultural and literary coverage the Today Show is doing these days. And thank goodness. Because nothing will prepare Americans for their new place in the world like being able to say “beach volleyball” in Chinese.

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