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There’s nothing better than a blinged out bas relief.

From the Earth to the Moon.
Tom Hanks stands in front of a Caesars Palace-style set in the intro of From the Earth to the Moon.

Okay, so I’m running a few years behind on my TV shows. (Be happy I don’t cover television.) But Celso and I got our hands on the DVD of HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon, and being suckers for all things space-related, have been devotedly plowing through the mini-series, which is basically one big advert for the goodness of NASA. Yes, it’s treacly. And the unending upswell of inspiring musica soundtrack that combines the schmaltziest elements of Spielberg with the sentimental chords of a Ken Burns film scoredoes occasionally make me want to beat my head against the wall. But I dig the stories, as well as the tight shots of super-fit astronaut-types in chest-hugging sweaters. My favorite element, however, is the Tom Hanks-narrated intro, which features the Academy Award-winner himself standing in front of a totally pimpin’ faux classical extravaganza of Apollo and his chariot. I mean, check out the six-pack on the God of the Sun. It’s total hotness.

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