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The Digest. 01.08.10.

Tastes Like Gold, by the Seventh Letter Crew in Los Angeles. (Photo by Vidalia.)

If you do only one thing today, watch Marie Lorenz’s video, Capsize, over at It’s opening as part of a solo exhibit tonight at Jack Hanley in NYC. Fucking amazing.

The Digest. 09.08.09.

Laundromat. (Photo by Vidalia.)

Hey Folks: My website is kinda ganky after a recent WordPress upgrade (I’m working on resolving the issues). If you subscribe to C-Mon using Google Reader, you will have to delete your subscription and re-subscribe or you won’t see new posts. Sorry for the hassle. And thanks for reading C-Mon!!

The crunch of gravel: Sadegh Tirafkan at LACMA.

Persepolis Part II by Sadegh Tirafkan at LACMA. (Photo by C-M.)

There is something about the crunch of boots on gravel that I find indescribably appealing. It’s something I associate with being a kid, when, every evening, I’d hear the sound of my dad’s pick-up pulling up outside our house, followed by the percussion of his boots all the way up our gravel driveway — and I knew that it was time to eat. (I was born hungry.) Which is why I was so excited to run into Sadegh Tirafkan‘s video piece, Persepolis Part II in the Ancient Iran galleries at the L.A. County Museum of Art

The piece consists of two monitors, each with video of Tirafkan walking silently through the ruins of Persepolis, the ancient Persian capital. The video is rather dreamlike: the two images of the artist continually walk deliberately towards each other, but never meet. And all that is audible is the scraping sound of his feet on dry rock. It transforms the gallery, which is filled with lifeless shards of ancient pottery, into something more dynamic (if nostalgic).

If you happen to be popping into the museum to check out Art of Two Germanys, a detour to the Ahmanson building to check this out is totally worthwhile. The installation will be up through March.

In other news: I’ve got a lot going on workwise, so I’m cutting The Digest back to four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Thanks for reading, xox, C.

The Digest. 04.16.08.

Toys by Vidalia
Soon Just Memories 2 by Jim Harker in Toys! at Gallery 1988 in L.A., through April 25th. (Photo by Vidalia.)

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Photos: Korin Faught at Corey Helford in L.A.

Korin Faught @ Corey Helford
Cassie by Korin Faught, from her solo show at Corey Helford. Photos by Vidalia.

We here at appreciate nothing more than beautiful paintings devoted to moody brunettes. Giving us a resplendent eyeful is painter Korin Faught, who had her first solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, Calif. this past weekend. Dear Korin: Please call us whenever you need fresh models. We may not be this luscious, but we are definitely brunette. The show runs until April 19th.

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The Digest. 03.17.08.

Peelander-Z at SXSW. Photo by Vidalia.

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Adventures in Intercultural Relationships: Edición Elección ’08.

Hillary and Obama
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, by Elbow-Toe. Photo by shoehorn99.

Election season means it’s pandering-in-Spanish season: Far-flung correspondent Vidalia pointed me in the direction of some absolutely priceless links she discovered via Very Short List. It turns out that the candidates aren’t just making bad ads in Spanish, they’re commissioning full-blown songs. Herewith, La Cumbia de Clinton, and El Corrido de Barack Obama. Baila, baila, baila, políticos cabrones.

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The Digest. 02.29.08.

Chomp. Photo by Vidalia.

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