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Calendar. 01.02.13.

Model of PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1) computer on which a playable simulation of Spacewar! will be presented as part of the exhibition Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off, at the Museum of the Moving Image. Through March 3, in Astoria. (Patrick Alvarado/Museum of the Moving Image.)

My latest in ARTnews.

I’m suuuuper excited about the April issue of ARTnews, which not only features my article on video games and art, but provides me with a cover story that features Elvis. And as someone who got hitched at the Graceland Chapel in Vegas, all I gotta say to that is: HELL. YES.

Further afield:
If you want to see video of Brody Condon’s piece, which is featured on the cover, you can find that on his website right here. If you’re looking for some additional reading, may I highly recommend Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives, a breezily written and poignant introduction to games and game criticism. Online, for thoughtful takes on video games and game culture, definitely check out Ian Bogost’s blog as well as Kill Screen Magazine.

Thanks for reading! And, as always, the story looks even better in print (with lots of sexy graphics) — so buy the mag if you can.