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I am a Cylon and I have a plan: Rhizome’s $50K Wall + Posting Notice.

Hey Folks:

Two things:

1) I’m goin’ on vacay and won’t be back at the keyboard until the middle of next week.

2) I’ve been machinatin’ and schemin’ over my little Rhizome project and I am happy to announce that I have a plan. I can’t totally reveal my plan, as it’ll just encourage some biter with no imagination to beat me to the punch, but I can give you a few deets, since I’m asking y’all for money:

  • It will not incorporate profanity, large phalluses, or religious icons — or any combination thereof.
  • I can promise that it will be in no way socially or politically redeeming.
  • I think it’s a clever idea, but I’ll let you be the judge of that…
  • Everyone who gives money will be thanked, on Rhizome’s site, for contributing. (I’ll be in touch with you privately about how you want to be credited.)
  • Any money raised for this venture will be turned over to Rhizome, a digital arts non-profit. I’m not gonna make a single red cent. (In fact, I feel so strongly about this ridiculosity, I’ll be investing a coupla Benjamins of my own.)
  • My goal: If I can raise about $400, that would be smashing. Anything I might make beyond that will be duly invested in making my Rhizome extravaganza bigger and badder. 
  • My aim is to get this sucker up by the end of April, when I return from my much-needed eat-a-thon/vacation.
To the many folks who have already donated, THANK YOU! YOU ROCK HARD. To those who haven’t, I’d like you to consider doing so. All I’m asking is for a buck or two. (Five if you have a full-time job with benefits. Ten if you’re an art dealer.) It’ll cost you less than a frappuccino and it’ll keep me out of trouble (or out of your hair). At least for now…
You can make your donation through my earlier post, via PayPal.