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As is customary on Thursdays, I’ve got my New York City Datebook up at WNYC. Check it out!

Plus, the Incredibly Brief #workoFart Recap: This episode was all about nature — bleak, dreary Munch-style nature. Jaclyn had a cold, Peregrine shot evil death rays of hate at Jaclyn (who was trying to cheat) and Abdi spent the show operating in an impossible vortex of positivity. Miles, in the meantime, generated his most art school project yet. (Seriously dude, lay off the process.) Nicole and Jaclyn are out, which means materiality and titties will not feature prominently in the grand finale. El Saltzino, in his most impassioned recap yet, describes the nature setting the artists have to use as right out of the Sopranos kill-Adriana episode (so true). He also talks about poodles.

On a sort of related note, the award for best quote out of the entire season goes to Saltz, in Episode 2, who describes a piece as having, “self-referentiality up the wing wong.” Somebody needs to put that on a T-shirt.

Until the finale next week…