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Photo Diary: Barry McGee at the ICA Boston.

Untitled 2005-2012 by Barry McGee at ICA Boston
Untitled 2005-2012, one of Barry McGee’s wall “boils” at the ICA.

Detail from an untitled installation constructed with old letter press trays by Barry McGee.
Detail from an untitled installation constructed with old letter press trays.

An object from Barry McGee's
These are some of my favorite pieces in the show: bulbous paper mache (I think) spheres with bits of McGee’s trademark sign lettering on them. There’s something very Katamari Damacy about them.

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Calendar. 05.09.12.

From Barry McGee’s upcoming solo at Prism LA. Opens Saturday, in West Hollywood. (Image courtesy of the artist and Prism.)

Calendar. 07.07.11.

Untitled, 2011, a sculpture made of acrylic and wood, by Barry McGee. Part of the artist’s solo exhibition, New Work, on view at Modern Art in London, through August 13. (Image courtesy of Modern Art.)

First of all: R.I.P. Cy Twombly. A nice obit by Randy Kennedy in the New York Times. Plus: Jerry Saltz’s tribute, complete with reference to his own cock.

Calendar. 11.18.08.

Barry McGee at Modern Art in London. (Photo by Practise.)

Hey Folks: Crazy day today. Digest will be back tomorrow. xox, C.

Photos: Lydia Fong (a.k.a. Barry McGee) at Ratio 3 in S.F.

Having Fong at Ratio 3. Baby not included. (All photos by Gay Swan.)

Barry McGee serves up his signature urban flavors, topped with a few new sprinkles in a surprise show at Ratio 3 in San Francisco. (Bring your own funky glasses to view the infinitely precise 3-D hand drawings in more than one dimension.) The rest is classic McGee…or “Lydia Fong,” as his current alias goes. Color exercises crawl aggressively up three walls like deboned Rubik’s cubes. Contrast that with the sad faces, a gaggle of meticulously rendered masks, hair monsters, and framed napkin doodles. In between the human and the abstract, other urban detritus bubbles up: surfboards, cardboard, a decomposing orange with fruit fly, a baby in bubblegum pink. Oh wait, the baby’s mine.

But what’s outside the Ratio 3 Gallery is just as cool as what’s inside. It’s a one-way alley in McGee’s own Mission Street neighborhood. Next door a woman rescues half-wolf dogs that shelters won’t take. Down a ways, murals and motorcycles take up the sidewalk. All around, there’s weed smoke and freeway noise, Chinese dollar stores and taquerias amid super-eco-chic shops. Welcome to Barry’s world.

The show runs through October 18th.

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