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Cinco de Mayo at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn.

Spent last night at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn watching some inter-gender lucha libre — complete with an intermission performance of the Mexican hat dance and a Pee Wee Herman-inspired rendition of Tequila. I also voted in the guacamole contest. A note to whomever made guacamole #1: Never, under any circumstances, or for any reason, must you put curry powder in guacamole. I believe that this is governed by the Geneva Convention. Look it up.

The Digest. 03.12.10.

Supply and Demand, by Skewville at Factory Fresh. (Image courtesy of Factory Fresh.)

Lost in A Maze in Brooklyn.

Through the looking glass: The bubble mirrors on the ceiling made for fun photographing. (Photos by C-M.)

Disorienting times call for disorienting art. Factory Fresh, in Brooklyn, has a gallery-sized maze that leads viewers around bends and into dead-ends, all covered in various layers of sensory-overload paint. A collaboration between Celso, infinity, former Keith Haring collaborator LA2 and the mysterious Stikman, the maze takes the concept of the graffiti-covered alleyway and turns it into a total funhouse. (Full disclosure: Celso is my partner-in-crime, romantic and otherwise.) One of my favorite touches was the ceiling, where the artists installed bubble mirrors that delivered a warped viewing experience of the entire scenario. 

The show is up through Dec. 2nd.

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