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Calendar. 02.29.12.

A detail from Illegal Alien’s Guide to Climate Science, by Enrique Chagoya. On view at Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale, Az. as part of the exhibit Claudio Dicochea/Enrique Chagoya. Opens Thursday. (Image courtesy of the artist and Lisa Sette.)

  • L.A.: In the Making, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Kori Newkirk, Daniel Jospeh Martinez and many others, at Roberts & Tilton. Through March 31, in Culver City.
  • Oakland: Jennifer Brandon, Masako Miyazaki and Sandra Ono, Space Between, at Swarm Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm.
  • Seattle: Susie J. Lee, Unplug: Try Again, at Lawrimore Project. Opens Thursday at 6pm.
  • Chicago: I Made This For You — Matthew Hoffman, at Public Works. Opens Friday at 7pm.
  • NYC: Thomas Schütte, Alte Freunde, at Carolina Nitsch Project Room. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Mark Ruwedel, Records, at Yossi Milo Gallery. Opens Thursday at 6pm, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Bernard Klevickas, Turbulence, at Orchard Windows Gallery. Opens next Tuesday, March 6, at 6pm.
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