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Calendar. 06.09.11.

Swampy, in Oakland. The artist has a solo exhibit coming up this weekend at Fifty24SF, in San Francisco. Things get started this Saturday, June 11th, at 7pm. (Above image courtesy of EndlessCanvas.com.)

  • Portland, Oreg.: Jack Pierson, Twilight, and Mise-en-Scène, a group show, at Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Through July 16.
  • Los Angeles: For a Long Time, Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, Raymond Pettibon and others, at Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Culver City. Through August 6.
  • S.F.: Sign Your Life Away, with Steve Powers, Jeff Canham and New Bohemia Signs, at Guerrero Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • Fort Worth: Focus: Teresita Fernández, at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Through June 19. (…might be good.)
  • Chicago: Avant Garde Art in Everyday Life, at the Art Institute of Chicago. (And while you’re there, be sure to check the African art galleries, which will display a textile made from the silk of a Golden Orb spider. Like, whoa.) Opens Saturday.
  • LAST WEEK — NYC: Live From Detroit, a group show, at Fred Torres Collaborations, in Chelsea. Nice to see a show featuring Detroit artists rather than outsiders doing ruins porn. I really dug the paintings by Dick Goody. Through Saturday.
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