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The Digest. 02.23.09. Delta Airlines blows edition.

Beast, in Miami. Saw this building-sized bomb while standing in line at Enriqueta’s for their super succulent pollo a la plancha. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 01.14.09.

Curtis, in Brooklyn. (Photo by Luna Park.)

The Digest. 12.17.08.

Grasp. (Photo by Moshiano.)

Co-opting graffiti: Vandal Squad edition.

Vandal Squad
Artist unknown: desktop wallpaper on a Vandal Squad computer. (Photo by C-M.)

The NYPD Vandal Squad may be out to bust graffiti artists, but they aren’t above co-opting the imagery for their own purposes. This is a screen grab (aka a photo of my TV) from the graff documentary Infamy. In the film, the producers interview a member of New York City’s Vandal Squad and pan to his computer, revealing the above desktop wallpaper. (The lowrider pants showing off a smidgen of booty crack are a nice touch.)

In the meantime, if you’re at all into graffiti, definitely check out the film (now out on DVD), which is well made, features some excellent footage, and has interesting interviews with artists such as Earsnot, Claw, Saber and Jase. There are also some spectacular moments with “graffiti guerilla” Joe Connolly, L.A.’s single-minded, self-appointed, one-man buff team.

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