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Calendar. 09.27.13.

9th Street Exhibition, 1951 by Robert Motherwell (Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Photo: Courtesy Dedalus Foundation, Inc.) 9th Street Exhibition, 1951 by Robert Motherwell. Part of the exhibit Robert Motherwell: Early Collages, at the Guggenheim Museum. Opens today. (Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Courtesy of the Dedalus Foundation.)

Miscellany. 05.21.13.

An installation view of the atrium at Gutai: Splendid Playground, at the Guggenheim.
Work (Water), an installation by Motonaga Sadamasa. Part of the exhibition Gutai: Splendid Playground, at the Guggenheim in New York, which closed earlier this month. (Photo by C-M.)

Photo Diary: Art of Another Kind — International Abstraction at the Guggenheim.

Alberto Burri’s burlap collage from 1953, titled Composition. Digging the splash of gold in the upper right hand corner.

A mobile by Alexander Calder floats in the museum’s atrium.

Ibram Lassaw’s Corax, from 1953 — looking like it’d just burst out of someone’s gut.

This one is definitely worth checking out: the gathering of abstract art from the 1950s that’s currently on view at the Guggenheim. The museum has dug into its collection to showcase some of the big (mostly male) names of the era (Pollock, de Kooning, Kline, etc.) But it also contains some awesome/weird surprises — including a massive canvas by Newark-born Carmen Cicero, some excellent canvas collages by Conrad Marca-Relli, and some highly intriguing burlap and metal pieces by Alberto Burri. (Somebody please do a retrospective!)

Art of Another Kind: International Abstraction is on view through September 12 at the Guggenheim Museum.

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Calendar. 09.17.09.

Succession, April 1935, by Vasily Kandinsky. (Image courtesy of The Phillips Collection and the Guggenheim.)