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C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Jeff Koons, doing it!

Have you ever had a burning desire to admire the inkjet paintings of Jeff Koons doing it with his porn star ex-wife La Cicciolina? Well, consider this your lucky day. ‘Cuz I’m giving away one copy of the catalogue from the recent exhibit of Koons’ porny pictures from his exhibit at Luxembourg & Dayan.

Leave a comment and this little baby could be yours. All yours. Seriously.


Calendar. 10.07.10.

My Jeff Koons’ sexy pictures write-up, along with plenty of artsy New York goodness, is now up at Gallerina. (Image courtesy the artist and Luxembourg & Dayan.)

The Digest. 01.15.08.

Jeff Koons at Versailles. See the full slideshow over at Hustler of Culture. (Image courtesy of Hustler of Culture.)

Photos: Jeff Koons at the Met.

Jeff Koon at the Met
Sweet like candy: Balloon Dog Yellow by Jeff Koons. (Photos by C-M.)

There are days a girl wants art that’s big and shiny, art that can be admired while sipping a frozen margarita and getting a tan. Until some Caribbean resort decides to do a sculptural installation (probably not that far off), there is always the roof of the Met, where you can currently catch the sight of some over-sized pieces by Jeff Koons. (I admit: I dig the balloon dog.) It’s good clean fun, in an Ibiza foam party kind of way.

The show is up until October 26th.

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