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Posting notice: Edward James Olmos meets Larry Gagosian edition.

If there’s one thing I love about any movie or TV show that features Edward James Olmos (think Miami ViceBlade RunnerBattlestar Galactica) is that at some point in the proceedings, the bad guys will be off doing something truly awful and Olmos will seethe — under his breath — something along the lines of “Find them” or “Get them.” And it always sounds really badass. (See video above.) I like it so much that I’m hoping to incorporate this into everyday conversation as much as possible. (Eg. Husband: “Do we need milk?” Me: “Get some.“)

In other news: no Digest today. I’ve got a ton of frackin’ work to do. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy this terrifically speculative story in the New York Times business section about Larry Gagosian, which quotes nobody of real significance, but which concludes that the gallerist could get hit really hard by the economy or he could just ride it out. (How’s that for definitive?) Sadly, it barely makes reference to Damien Hirst. 

Plus: Jonathan Jones at the Guardian is P.O.’d at art. “It has become the enemy of truth, the murderer of decency.” Whoa, Jonathan! Time to get on the happy pills…

And, late update: A rad video of the Saltz-master groping the wares at Armory. What I would give to party with this guy. For reals!