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Photo Diary: Visible storage at the Museo Larco in Lima.

An owl man figure. The museum’s director, Andrés Álvarez Calderón, who led us on an incredible tour of the collection, says that all ancient cultures conveyed the supernatural with hybrid human-bird figures or hybrid human-feline figures — and sometimes both traits at once.

The visible storage rooms contain thousands of pre-Columbian objects. We spent several hours in here just gandering at all of the awesomeness.

A figure of the dead, a symbol of the underworld.

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Miscellany. 02.07.12.

Banana man, Lima. (Photo by El Celso.)

The Digest. 09.09.09.

Find an absolutely wonderful set of photos of Lima’s surroundings, by Carlos Jimenez Cahua over here. (Image courtesy of Jimenez Cahua. Thanks Big Papi G for the heads up!)

The Digest. 06.29.09.

Chuyo (?) in Barranco, Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 06.26.09.

The Virgin feeds her child as demons watch, at the monastery of Santo Domingo in Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 06.24.09.

Indio del Collado, 1939 by Enrique Camino Brent at the Museo Banco Central de la Reserva in Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 06.22.09.

Sin Título (Untitled), 1971 an oil-on-canvas work by the Arequipa-born Bill Caro at the Lima Art Museum (MALI) exhibit at the Fundación Wiese gallery in downtown Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

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Final Peru Dispatch: My Lima food orgy.

Classic ceviche, made with flounder, red onions and hot peppers and served with sweet potato and Andean corn at El Veredico de Fidel, in La Victoria. (Photos by C-M.)

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty: The food. Lima, hands down, serves up the best food in the Americas. I’m not even gonna debate it. I’ve been to Mexico and eaten the seven moles of Oaxaca and sucked down tacos as if the world were about to end. I’ve worked my way through menus at all kinds of places, both high-falutin’ and not, in spots such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. But, Peru, at every level — from the corner lunch joint to the A-List world-class eatery — offers such a mind-melting variety of spectacular dishes, that you could literally spend a month in the country and still not begin to cover everything there is to eat. Not convinced? Well, I’ve prepared a little photo essay…

Special thanks to my buddy Howard for flying to Lima to consume many of these dishes with me. And to Arturo Rojas for leading me to some of these spots in the first place. You guys rock. Hard.

Click on images to supersize. C-Monster.net is not responsible for any damages incurred to your keyboard as a result of involuntary drooling. Vegetarians: You might want to stop reading here.

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