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Miscellany. 03.03.13.

Madawaska, Acadian Light-Heavy, Third Arrangement, 1940 by Marsden Hartley
Madawaska, Acadian Light-Heavy, Third Arrangement, 1940 by Marsden Hartley. Part of the Whitney Museum exhibit American Legends: From Calder to O’Keeffe. (Photo by Sheldan C. Collins. Courtesy of the Whitney Museum.)

***Please please please vote for my Richard Jackson story over at KCET so that it gets made into a video segment and I don’t suffer INTERNET SHAME on par with Denver the Dog. Voting ends ended on Monday evening morning. Never mind! I lost…  (Though you should totally watch the Denver the Dog video, which came to me courtesy of John Powers.)

*** PLUS: Congrats to Maggie and Chris for winning the Tony Smith T-shirts! And thanks to INCCA-North America for supplying them.

Photo Diary: A visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

It’s impossible to take a bad picture of Milwaukee Art Museum’s atrium (designed by Santiago Calatrava). This museum is all kinds of killer. I couldn’t get enough. (As always, click on images to supersize.)

Would look smashing with a plastic cover: a mid-nineteenth century sofa attributed to John Henry Belter.

A sculpture by Donald Fortescue and Lawrence LaBianca in the museum’s New Materiality exhibit, up through June 12. This piece had a very subtle audio component to it: stand under the trumpet and you could hear the faint sounds of water sloshing. It was the kids there who pointed this out to us.

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