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Photos from ART BURN 2009!!

ART BURN was smoking. Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great time. Thanks to the sponsors: Hyperallergic, Brooklyn Street Art, Rosa Lowinger & Associates Art Conservation and Two Coats of Paint. A super special thanks to LAS TIAS, who were incredibly generous with their time and space.

I will post more photos later — after a full night’s sleep.

Needed: Art to Burn.

Matches. (Photo by Bob.Fornal.)

Because we here at C-Mon are, like, total pyros, we are joining forces with the inimitable El Celso at this year’s Art Basel in Miami to stage the first annual ART BURN 2009. In a public happening that will undoubtedly be equal parts Wicker Man, Texas A&M and Richard Pryor on fire, we’re gonna be burning fine art. Your art, to be exact.

We are now accepting submissions of combustible works on wood or paper. Pieces must be of sentimental and/or monetary value to the artist. (We want to burn your art, not your mistakes.) All pieces will be briefly displayed prior to being immolated. Nothing will be sold. No fees are required to apply. (This is a low-rent operation, however, so we’re gonna ask that you ship your works to us.) The burning, naturally, will be filmed, photographed and social media’d to the max – assuring the death of your work plenty of virtual attention as the art industry gathers for its annual Miami Beach Swap Meet. Details on location and timing will be announced as they are confirmed.

To submit works for consideration, e-mail images and/or links to celso [at] elcelso [dot] com.

See you in Miami!

The Digest. 02.23.09. Delta Airlines blows edition.

Beast, in Miami. Saw this building-sized bomb while standing in line at Enriqueta’s for their super succulent pollo a la plancha. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 12.04.08.

Welcome to Miami: This year, I couldn’t make it to Art Basel. But I can still channel its spirit. Party like it’s the end of the world, you crazy muthas. Because it is. (Photo by C-M.)