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Voila! C-Mon redoes Rhizome’s 50K Wall.

Look at me, ma! I’m a ‘net artist!

I’ve made some sorely needed improvements – aka, scrawled my name — across Rhizome’s 50,000 Dollar Web Page, a “collaborative” fundraiser for the New Museum‘s digital arm. Last month, the organization set up a permanent web page on their site where anyone can buy a space and a link (10 x 10 pixels go for $5) — and put up pretty much whatever they like. With your donations, I was able to roller tag the mutha — something far bigger and better than if I’d try to go at this alone.

Needless to say, I’m pretty darn grateful that there are folks out there who saw fit to help me finance this silliness. As promised, my “project” is neither socially nor politically redeeming. And as promised, everyone is thanked on the site. In the process, Rhizome, a non-profit, made a tidy $620 in donations. I’ve raised $447 of that total, surpassing my goal of $400 — and I didn’t even have to get all Sally Struthers. If you still want to contribute a couple of bucks to the cause, however, I’m not gonna say no. (You can do that here.)

In the meantime, thankyouthankthanyouthankyou to everyone who gave $$$ (in the middle of a recession, no less!). I love knowing that there are people out there who not only encourage ridiculosity, they sponsor it! You guys rock HARD.


I am a Cylon and I have a plan: Rhizome’s $50K Wall + Posting Notice.

Hey Folks:

Two things:

1) I’m goin’ on vacay and won’t be back at the keyboard until the middle of next week.

2) I’ve been machinatin’ and schemin’ over my little Rhizome project and I am happy to announce that I have a plan. I can’t totally reveal my plan, as it’ll just encourage some biter with no imagination to beat me to the punch, but I can give you a few deets, since I’m asking y’all for money:

  • It will not incorporate profanity, large phalluses, or religious icons — or any combination thereof.
  • I can promise that it will be in no way socially or politically redeeming.
  • I think it’s a clever idea, but I’ll let you be the judge of that…
  • Everyone who gives money will be thanked, on Rhizome’s site, for contributing. (I’ll be in touch with you privately about how you want to be credited.)
  • Any money raised for this venture will be turned over to Rhizome, a digital arts non-profit. I’m not gonna make a single red cent. (In fact, I feel so strongly about this ridiculosity, I’ll be investing a coupla Benjamins of my own.)
  • My goal: If I can raise about $400, that would be smashing. Anything I might make beyond that will be duly invested in making my Rhizome extravaganza bigger and badder. 
  • My aim is to get this sucker up by the end of April, when I return from my much-needed eat-a-thon/vacation.
To the many folks who have already donated, THANK YOU! YOU ROCK HARD. To those who haven’t, I’d like you to consider doing so. All I’m asking is for a buck or two. (Five if you have a full-time job with benefits. Ten if you’re an art dealer.) It’ll cost you less than a frappuccino and it’ll keep me out of trouble (or out of your hair). At least for now…
You can make your donation through my earlier post, via PayPal.

Needed: $1. To do something ridiculous on Rhizome’s pixel wall.

With your money, I’m sure I could help Rhizome’s $50,000 webpage look infinitely better.

Rhizome, the online digital arts non-profit affiliated with the New Museum, is having a fundraiser/”art collaboration” that I am determined to collaborate with. The deal is that you can buy some pixels on the webpage (see above), which will then be presented at some benefit in May. Of course, it’s expensive. Which is why I’m seeking your help. If I try to buy a space on my own, it’s gonna have to be 10 square pixels. But, with your help, I could do something truly splendiferous — something about the size of a postage stamp. All I’m looking for is $1. If you want to give $2, I won’t say no. All I know is that if several hundred of us come together and use our powers for evil, instead of good, something mildly entertaining may come of it. 

Younger than Jesus at the New Museum.

Discarded fruit peels as art: Adriana Lara’s Installation (Banana Peel). (Photos by C-M.)

I’ll be up front about it: I liked the New Museum’s wunderkind show The Generational: Younger Than Jesus a whole lot more than I thought I would. The hacked turntable by Icaro Zorba was inspired, as was a YouTube-meets- the-Russian-avant-garde video by Armenian artist Tigran Khachatryan. Cyprien Gaillard has a film devoted to government architecture, with explosions and fight clubs. And Mohamed Bourouissa has some saturated, tension-filled photos, taken primarily in the Paris banlieues. Naturally, there were one liners, such as the discarded banana peel, a.k.a. the installation, above. Too institutional inside joke.

Listen to me be inarticulate about the whole mess on WNYC.

See more images and video from the show on WNYC’s blog, Art.Cult.

Also, you can find the exhibit blog here. Younger Than Jesus runs through July 5th.

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