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Recession Special: NYC’s fake subway mosaics.

One of these is not like the other: From a distance, they look the same… (Craptastic camphone photos by C-M.)

The other night, waiting (an eternity) for the train at the Morgan Avenue stop in Brooklyn, we noticed what must be the MTA’s latest money-saving ruse: Those old subway mosaic signs aren’t always mosaics. They’re photographs.

See below:

The real deal: a vintage tile mosaic with the station’s name.

Not-a-mosaic: A high-res shot of a mosaic, pasted into the subway column wall.

Photos: Swoon at Deitch Studios, in NYC.

Swoon at Deitch
Swoon’s Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea in Long Island City. (Photo by sabeth718.)

Hey Folks: I’m still on the road, missing all kinds of artsy goodness in NYC, but enjoying the flocks of gargantuan mosquitoes keeping me company on the southern shores of Lake Okeechobee. To keep y’all entertained, here are some pix of Swoon’s latest at Deitch Studios, in Queens, courtesy of Flickr bud sabeth718 and regular C-Monster.net contributor Luna Park.

The show is up until October 18th. To read more on Swoon’s latest riverine project, logon to ArtInfo, which has an interview with the artist right here. Plus: Gammablog has video.

The Digest will return on Monday. Many more photos after the jump.

xox, C.

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