Tagged: Obligatory Year-End List

Things from ’08 that we don’t want to deal with in ’09.

Starting with…election coverage of any kind. (Photo by mlitty.)

  1. Obamart and Obamerch. Please stop. He’s a politician, not the second coming.
  2. Ironic mustaches.
  3. YouTube graffiti-making videos set to hip-hop soundtracks. Like watching paint dry. Literally.
  4. Stories about the death of print.
  5. Stories about the death of blogging.
  6. Self-designated architectural movements.
  7. Any art involving excrement or bodily fluids. If we wanted to admire turd logs, we’d get a dog. 
  8. Bailouts.
  9. The use of the word “intervention” in art or architecture. Unless it’s describing some burned-out celeb and a gram-bag, put it to rest.
  10. Artist-led auctions.
– with reporting by San Suzie and Yvonne Connasse.