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Find me talking to Richard Jackson at Artbound…

Richard Jackson's

The floor underneath Jackson's

Wall Murals for Orange County, installed by Richard Jackson at OCMA.

Hey Folks:

I’ve got a profile of the inimitable L.A. painter Richard Jackson up at KCET’s Artbound. Jackson is one of those under-recognized SoCal figures with a penchant for producing ephemeral works. Which means if you didn’t see it the first time, chances are you didn’t see it at all — he’s not big on producing saleable objects. Now he’s got a retrospective up at the Orange County Museum of Art through May 5.

Please click through to the KCET piece and give it a thumbs up or a Retweet if you can. If the story gets a lot of traffic, then KCET does a TV segment. And I desperately want to see a TV bit about Jackson — who is a funny, smart, no bullshit kinda guy.

Update: the piece is now up for vote on KCET’s website. Please click through! A vote for Jackson is a vote for artistic pandemonium!!!

You’ll find a few more pics from opening night after the jump. If you live in the greater SoCal area, this show is worth the haul.


Photos above, top to bottom: Jackson’s “Bad Dog” relieves himself on the side of the museum, the floor underneath “Painting With Two Balls,” and a pair of his site-specific wall murals.

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O.C. Report: Adventures in Insanely Awesome Public Art.

Some days in Orange County you’re cruising along to Wal-Mart, minding your own business, when you stumble right into a monumental piece of sculptural spectacularness. I found these austere-yet-noble representations of the family on the corner of Portola and Alton in Lake Forest, the sprawling Southern California community that is otherwise known as the home of megachurch pastor Rick Warren. I know it’s totally cliché to call anything in O.C. fascist. (I worked at Fascist Island one Christmas.) But this little Gesamtkunstwerk has fatherland written all over it: Arno Breker meets Josef Thorak, but with more modest clothing.

All I gotta say is: worth the trip. Especially if paired with a visit to the In-N-Out Burger nearby.