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Photo Diary:The Florida panhandle, pre-spill.

Inlet Beach. (All photos by C-M.)

In the course of some of my magazine assignments, I’ve gotten to know the Florida panhandle — which has made the spill in the Gulf feel like a personal affront. This isn’t some abstract environmental disaster in my mind. I’ve met, eaten, drank and hung out with the folks who live and work in this area. I feel at a loss on how I might do anything constructive, so I thought I might pay photographic tribute to an area that has shown me plenty of hospitality and some very good times.

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So Many Columns, So Little Time: The narchitecture of the Florida panhandle.

’80s-style Spanish Mediterranean + ginormous columns + fugly color palette = Narchitecture. (Photos by C-M.) 

If narchitecture is architecture that looks as if it were commissioned by drug traffickers, then the narchitecture of northwest Florida would appear to have been devised by their thuggish suburban cousins. This thriving regional school of design takes narchitectural staples, such as Italianate balustrades and Classical columns, and showcases them against a backdrop of oversized structures that scream ‘stuccoed Mediterranean citadel’ and ‘psycho homeowners association’ — all at the same time. Not to mention the colors: a rainbow of shades that are drawn straight from the polo shirt selection at Abercrombie & Fitch. What’s most intriguing about these McManses, however, is their voluminous scale, intended to make the average late model Denali look downright puny. The best part? All of the structures shown here are actually simple beach “cottages.”

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