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Video Diary: What a daily commute looks like when you work for Lonely Planet.

In Tortuguero, on the country’s northeast coast – a network of lowland, rainforest canals (no roads) – with our 10-year-old boat captain, Toñito. I spent all day being hauled around by this incredible kid, who learned how to pilot a boat when he was four.

I’m on an industrial-strength deadline for a Lonely Planet guidebook right now – and am in the process of reliving my November trip to Costa Rica, where transport is always entertaining. I’ve put together a short video diary of a few memorable episodes. Sadly, I did not get any film of the one-armed taxi driver who took me – full speed – on a winding mountain road while talking on his cell phone and driving stick.

Catching a ride on the back of an ATV with Jason, on our way to the Green Gold lodge in Parismina, on the Atlantic Coast.

Making our way to Bajos del Toro in the Central Valley, with a little Janis cranking on the radio.