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Photo Diary: Perform Chinatown, in L.A.

Box heads during a performance by Lucas Murgida at Perform Chinatown.

Finishing School’s interactive megaphones.

No idea who the performer is, but I dig this audience member’s dapper Wonder Woman ensemble.

Because I was eating burritos with my homegirl Vidalia and because I was combing the 99 cent stores of East L.A. for a porcelain mermaid and because I’m going through a period of abject slackerdom, I arrived seriously late to Perform Chinatown, a mini-performance festival, missing just about everything. Therefore I’m in no position to judge if anything was ‘good.’ I did, however, manage to snap a few pics. Including my head-of-a-pin-size portrait of Karen Finley (after the jump).

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