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The Digest. 09.13.10.

A shot from the Huanchaco Longboard Pro 2010 competition in northern Peru, by Carlos Díaz. (Photo courtesy of Díaz.)

The Digest. 07.26.10.

The landscape surrounding the Nazca Lines, in Peru. (Photo by ryangerald.)

C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: My Lonely Planet guide to Peru.

This spitting camelid could be yours. All yours.

If you were into those posts I did about surreal sights in Lima and scrumptious Peruvian cooking, all of that hard-earned research (and much, much more) is now available in guidebook form from Lonely Planet. (I helped co-author this puppy, so please buuuuy it!) I do have one extra copy on-hand, however, for a single lucky ceviche-muncher. Leave a comment below and all my Lima fine-dining secrets could be yours gratis.

Thanks for reading!

The Digest. 07.27.09

The Toquepala open-pit copper mine in southern Peru. (Image courtesy of NASA.)

The Digest. 07.08.09.

Tita3 in Peru. (Photo by enteserhumano.)

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