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Photo Diary: At the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The painting that NOMA got on a bet: JMW Turner’s The Fifth Plague of Egypt, from 1800. An explanation of the wager (which was instigated by Tyler Green) can be found here. (Photos by C-M.)

Spent an awesome afternoon floating around the New Orleans Museum of Art, which has an excellent African-American art exhibit up right now. Naturally, I just had to check out the Super Bowl bet painting. (See above.) And made some wonderful discoveries, too. Namely a rare painting, on glass, by Paul Gaugin (after the jump).

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Visiting the Mother Ship: Whole Foods, Austin.

Alls I gotta say is: Sweet. God. Almighty. (Photos by C-M.)

I’m not ordinarily a Whole Foods shopper, but I just HAD to visit the corporate HQ of America’s most blinged out supermarket chain while in Austin — and thankfully, my efforts were amply rewarded. The Whole Foods here is truly out-sized, with colors that are hallucinogenic and a baby boomer soundtrack that keeps the senses on total overload. I realized that it made perfect sense that this is a company that would emerge from Texas, a state that revels in doing everything on a larger-than-life scale. The whole experience was like entering an Andreas Gursky photo. With smells. And insane amounts of disposable plastic. And a three-foot tall chocolate fountain.

As totally insane as the whole place is, I have to tip my hat to the folks in corporate for the presence of the Bowie BBQ stand in the middle of the store. Their brisket sandwich KICKS ASS.

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Roadtrip Diary: Partying like a frat star in Austin.

Partying hearty with the faux fraternity types. (Photos by C-M.)

While in Austin, @ktsmither gave us a tip that Test Site, a city arts lab, was hosting an event by artist Michael Smith (a.k.a. Baby Ikki). He and curator Jay Sanders had transformed a tony home in a well-to-do neighborhood into an art frat house — ΟΣΦ, Omicron Sigma Phi — and were staging a “reunion” party (complete with keg). From what I heard, the neighbors got slightly ruffled at the idea of some possibly vomitous revelry moving into the area. But fortunately this was a gentlemanly fraternity, channeling an a-capella-group-from-Amherst kind of vibe. So, we spent a pleasant afternoon drinking beer in the name of art — and then everyone gathered for a group shot on the front lawn. An all around excellent afternoon, made better by the fact that it’s now been enshrined as art.

Learn more about Test Site here.

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