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Nekkid Superman. Plus: Posting Notice.

Holy Chorizo, Batman! There’s a naked superhero in my bedroom. (Image courtesy of J. Doe.)

Hey Folks:

I’m gonna be on the road for the next couple of weeks, which means posting will be very sparse — as in: no Digest. In the meantime, check out the saucy remixes of the world’s most clean-cut superhero (see above), as done up by J. Doe and featured on the website Mr. Marvel. Find the full series of redone comics here.

Plus, some links from the weekend:

xox, C.

Shuttering the Rose Art Museum: An open letter to Brandeis from an alum.

Out in the cold: The Rose Art Museum, at Brandeis. (Photo by kenudigit.)

As you may have heard, Brandeis University wants to shut down the Rose Art Museum, with plans to liquidate it’s 6,000-piece collection to help the university stay afloat financially. And, as you may have heard, a whole lotta people are not very happy about it, including a number of the university’s alumnae — one of whom, Eric Gordon, is a graduate of the class of ’76, and currently serves as the head of paintings conservation at the The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. He has kindly agreed to let us publish a letter he sent to the university’s president this afternoon regarding the situation:

Dear President Reinharz,

I cannot begin to express my shock, disbelief and disappointment in your decision to close the Rose Art Museum and sell its collection in order to meet financial pressures brought on by the current state of the economy. Your decision is short-sighted, irreversible and one you will find hard to live with in the future. It will forever change the character of the university, diminishing its breadth and diversity of the student body, faculty and the potential for Brandeis to be a leader in the humanities.

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