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Scoping Scope. (After this, I promise, no more pun heads.)

I’ll have what she’s having. A detail of an installation by Camille Rose Garcia at Jonathan LeVine’s booth at Scope. (Photos by C-M.)

Knowing that life as we once knew it is, like, totally over, it was reassuring to visit Scope on opening night and see the place totally hopping. A real improvement from last year when everything seemed kinda humdrum. Unfortunately, no one was giving out Twinkies or Devil Dogs (though there was some sculpture made with food), but it was a good time nonetheless — part of which had to do with the generously-poured shot of bourbon I’d inhaled at J. Mac‘s prior to my tour of the fair.

On a somewhat related note… I have two words for all of these fair operators, especially the ones located in the boonies: TACO. TRUCKS. I’ve had it with slimy chef’s salads and soggy turkey wraps. Bring on the carne asada. Or do like the Queens Museum of Art and get a Vendy Award-winning pupusa cart. Cheap food can be good.

Scope is open through 7 p.m. on Sunday

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