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Calendar. 03.07.12.

Ponzoña, Arena Coliseo, ca. 1983, by Lourdes Grobet. Part of the exhibit Photography in Mexico, opening at SFMOMA, this Saturday. (Image courtesy of SFMOMA.)

Photo Diary: The 75th Anniversary Show at SFMOMA.

Better Late than Never: Photos from my visit to SFMOMA’s Anniversary Show this past June. It was a pretty dang incredible gathering of works, which included some early Clyfford Still and Jackson Pollock, as well as Richard Diebenkorns from various eras — not to mention the truly show-stopping Barry McGee, among many many others. If you live in SF, don’t miss. The show is up through Jan. 16 at SFMOMA. (All photos by C-M. Place cursor over image for caption info; click on images to supersize.)

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Photo Diary: Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection, at SFMOMA.

‘Cuz all those Gap khakis bought a buttload of art: My very long photo essay of the Fisher Collection show at SFMOMA. Above, Spider, 1995, by Louise Bourgeois.

Untitled (Rome), 1971, by Cy Twombly.

Not part of the Fisher collection, but pretty fracking spectacular nonetheless: The Mondrian cake at the museum’s rooftop cafe. I ate the Thiebaud cake. Photos of art — and cake — after the jump.

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The Digest. 01.22.10.

Southern California, 1985 by Henry Wessel. Part of the exhibit The View From Here at SFMOMA. (Image courtesy of SFMOMA.)

The Digest. 04.02.09.

The Window, 1932, by Rufino Tamayo at SFMOMA. (Photo by C-M.)

Calendar. 02.17.09.

Chamboles les amoureuses, 1947 by Roberto Matta at SFMOMA. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 01.28.09.

A random passerby molesting Jim Hodges’ fake flower sculpture No Betweens (1996) at SFMOMA. (Photo by C-M.)