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Miscellany. 04.23.12.

Not on Sale, by Skewville. Outside of Woodward Gallery on the Lower East Side. On view through April. (Image courtesy of Skewville.)

Sell Out: Street artists go Madison Avenue.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cash For Your Warhol, by Hargo (aka Geoff Hargadon).

I’ve organized a little online show for the folks behind the Add-Art Firefox plug-in that riffs on advertising and selling out. For the purpose of this digital gathering, I’ve teamed up with eight brand name vandals — Stikman, Skewville, infinity, Hargo, eko, Celso, Cake and Abe Lincoln Jr. –  to replace all of those annoying web ads with something waaaay artier and  entertaining. (Haven’t heard of the plug-in? You can read all about it here and download it here.)

In this post, find examples of each of the artists’ “campaigns.” To see the complete series of pieces that each artist created (along with an explanatory write-up of the show), visit Add-Art.org.

Special thanks to Hana Newman for pulling this together.


Abe Lincoln Jr.






The Digest. 06.07.10.

Hot Box, by Skewville. Part of the exhibit Shift Work Disorder, at Factory Fresh, through June 20th. (Image courtesy of Factory Fresh.)

The Digest. 03.12.10.

Supply and Demand, by Skewville at Factory Fresh. (Image courtesy of Factory Fresh.)

The Digest. 07.03.09.

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue: All Supply, No Demand by Skewville in NYC. (Photo by shoehorn99.)