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Damien Hirst: Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man.

Coming eventually to an auction house near you: Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man, 2009. (In collaboration with Ryan Frank, photo by C-M.)

Dear Mister Hirst:

We’ve seen the rotting cow’s head. The dissected farm animals. And your very expensive tiger shark (the over-sized fish lovingly known as “the wastebasket of the sea“). As you tend to your über-show in Kiev — appropriately enough, titled Requiem — we think that you might be ready to plot something even even bigger. We’re talking grand finale, pièce de résistance, the fat lady’s ultimate song: You, in a tank, in formaldehyde.

Alert Gagosian. Get Saatchi on the speed dial. Make sure Sotheby’s is in the loop. ‘Cuz this shit is gonna be truly BADASS!



Damien Hirst’s diamond skull: $24.95 edition.

Z Gallerie
Buy this and save $99,000,075 million

Want to “give your home an edgy look with some serious pizzazz?Well, look no further. Because “lifestyle retailer” Z Gallerie has just the home design trinket for you: a bling-a-rrific metallic skull that bears an uncanny resemblance to Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted sculpture, For the Love of God — only this version is almost $100 million cheaper. The best part: gift wrap is only $4.25 (shipping not included). Which means that you can purchase this fine piece of home design for yourself and more than a hundred of your closest friends — and still not come close to reaching the original’s price tag (which is almost seven times the GDP of Tuvalu). Act now. Or until Lladro comes out with a $19.95 version of Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

(Many thanks to Ryan Frank for the link.)

Update & Correction: Paddy Johnson over at AFC rightly points out that Hirst’s skull is now valued at £150 million (or about $263 million) — roughly the GDP of Micronesia.

Further Update: See what a pal of mine and I made with this fine piece of home décor merch.