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Photo Diary: Susanna Heller at Magnan Metz in NYC.

Rolling Thunder (Night for Day), 2013 by Susanna Heller at Magnan Metz

Waiting for Dawn, 2011, by Susanna Heller
From top: Rolling Thunder (Night for Day), from 2013; a series of sketches; and Waiting for Dawn, 2011.

LAST CHANCE: There is an absolutely stunning show of paintings by Susanna Heller on view at Magnan Metz in Chelsea. The show includes her signature brooding landscapes, but there are also a couple of walls of sketches (worth examining) as well as a suite of works that chronicle her husband’s illness. In these latter pieces, I almost felt as if I could smell the rubbing alcohol and hear the blip of the heart monitor. The machinery in these images seems to have a disconcerting life of its own. I simply couldn’t look away.

The works are absolutely staggering for their intensity, intimacy and visual punch. Do not miss this show.

Susanna Heller, Phantom Pain, is on view at Magnan Metz through this Saturday, April 20. 

Tino Sehgal: Getting conceptual at the Guggenheim.

(Image by _Robert_C_)

In early January WNYC put out a call to listeners to have someone join me at the press preview for the Tino Sehgal exhibit at the Guggenheim. The London-born Sehgal doesn’t show objects of any sort (he doesn’t even allow for the production of wall text, catalogues or certificates documenting his work). So, the idea was to have someone share in the experience and discuss what it was like on-air. More than 100 folks submitted comments (wow!). And super-smart Brooklyn-based painter Susanna Heller was chosen for the task. She was a willing and able partner-in-mischief. We had a total blast together. You can get the lowdown on our experience of Sehgal’s totally kooky ‘situation’ right here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted comments. The response was fantastic. And if you happen to live in New York – even if you give a rat’s ass about art: do not miss an opportunity to see the Guggenheim totally nekkid.

[P.S. Special thanks to the Gugg for somehow letting me get away with this.]