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Hive Mind: Please recommend your favorite travel and travel-related books!

Brisky's in Micanopy, FL
Booooks!!! I need your booooooks!

Dear Hive Mind:

I have just scored the dreamiest dream job a travel writer could every hope for: I’m curating a travel library for a cultural center abroad. I have been a dedicated reader of travel literature since I could crack open a book. I have crates filled with travelogues, travel photography tomes and journals of expeditions. If I could have Wade Davis’s One River tattooed directly into my brain, I would.

But, no one person can know everything. Which is why I’m doing an open call for your suggestions. Do you have have a favorite classic travelogue a la Travels with Charley? A book of photography that conveys a sense of journey or exploration, like Robert Frank’s Peru? Do you rely on a particular shopping or design tome to big cities that you think is essential to understanding a place — like Gestalten’s Berlin Design Guide?

My focus will be on the Americas and Europe, with other smaller categories to include subjects such as architecture, art, shopping, photography and food and drink. I am taking any and all suggestions — from how-to manuals on travel photography to sensational accounts of epic journeys. If it’s even tangentially related to travel and you think its good, then I want to know about it!!

There is only one rule: no fiction.

Please leave your suggestions below! I will review each and every one. And I’ll be deeply grateful that you took the time to help me out.

Thanks, as always, for reading C-Mon.