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Breaking: The C-Monster.net Whitney Lobby Report.

A site-specific installation based on the idea of site that becomes a boundary to transgress or at least acknowledge as both container and barrier, allowing for a more experiential role for the spectator as well as the creation of new types of spaces, whose qualities might be unbound, drawn in, or otherwise made pliant by their creatorsOh, wait, it’s just a stanchion. (Photos by C-M.)

I popped into the Whitney this afternoon to check out Jenny Holzer’s seriously stonerrific new solo exhibit, Protect Protect (Whoa! All the moving lights!) Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap pix to show you, ‘cuz there’s no picture-taking allowed inside the museum’s hallowed halls. (A policy, I’ve said before, is bogus. And a policy that — to be fair — many museums, not just the Whitney, enforce.) Thankfully, in response to my soulful pleas, the helpful folks over at the museum’s Twitter feed let me know that I was more than welcome to snap away in the lobby. So I did. 

Behold, the first ever C-Monster.net Lobby Report©, an incisive look at life just beyond the cash registers.

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C-Mon Holiday Giveaway! Whitney Museum edition.

Nothing says “Christmas” like a little brutalism. (Photo by C-M.)

You’ve got the candy canes, the tinsel and the popcorn balls. But do you have a glass replica ornament of the Whitney Museum’s Marcel Breuer-designed building covered in glitter? We think not. Thankfully, the marketing department here at C-Monster.net has arranged to give away this fine piece of holiday merchandise to a very lucky reader. Leave a comment below (with a valid e-mail) to enter the drawing. And before you know it, you could be trimming the tree, imbibing wassail and talking trash about the Biennial — all while admiring Breuer’s glistening bunker.

No New Yorkers are allowed to enter this contest. (If you want a Whitney ornament so damn bad, go to the museum. They’re only three bucks.)