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Over at Gallerina today.

Hey Y’all: It’s Thursday and you can find my New York Datebook over at WNYC.

In the meantime, this week’s Incredibly Brief #workoFart Recap: There was titties, there was talk about masturbation, there was titties, and actual masturbation, more titties  and masturbatory talk about masturbation. It was just like the real art world!!! Anyhow, the quick lowdown on “plot” development: China is most definitely a fembot, Miles emerged as a seriously backstabby manipulator and the artists, paired up in teams to explore universal dichotomies, produced some of the weakest art of the season. The big news: Mark is out (over Peregrine’s idea). And behind-the-scenes, El Saltzino almost stole the show with his package.

Until next week…

Image courtesy of Rosino.

Doing the Gallerina thing today.

You can find my NYC picks here. I’ll be the one in the yellow pants.

Plus, the incredibly brief #workoFart recap: Jesus lady Jamie is out. Jaclyn won the challenge (without showing her titties). The producers are obsessed with Miles’ OCD, something I like to refer to as Hollywood’s Forrest Gump complex (America loves a white guy with a condition). China Chow stills sucks. And Jerry Saltz says he feels either inspired or bamboozled by the show. He’s not sure which. Until next week…

Today, I’m a Gallerina.

Find my NYC picks over at WNYC.

Plus, today’s #workoFart recap: Jaclyn showed her titties. Miles read a book. China Chow wore an outfit that looked as if it was borrowed from Big Bird. Judith is out. El Saltzino recaps here. FYI, he does not approve of the Brooklyn Museum giving the winner a show. Now that’s entertainment!

(Photo by j-no.)

On the water in NYC with Marie Lorenz.

Spent Sunday at dawn paddling around Randall’s Island with artist Marie Lorenz, as part of her long-running project, The Tide and Current Taxi. It was all kinds of awesome. My WNYC colleague Jennifer Hsu made the most wonderful video of the whole experience (that’s her in action, above). Check out our report over at WNYC Culture.