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Today, I’m all Gallerina.

‘Cuz y’all know I totally dress like this. (Photo by avlxyz.)

As is now my Thursday routine, I’m over at WNYC Culture, reviewing Bravo’s Work of Art and providing a lowdown on things to see and do. (Be sure to check out that Leon Levinstein show at the Met.)

Plus: a direct link to the artists-watching-artists photograph (at a large size) from last night’s Work of Art craziness.



Hey Y’all:

If you’re gonna be watching Bravo’s Work of Art this evening, a bunch of us are going to be live Tweeting the mess from WNYC’s studios in Manhattan. Should be totally ridonkulous. Get the deets HERE.

Hashtag is #workofart, or, if you’ve got a naughty sense of humor, #workoFart.

See you at 11pm ET.