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Younger than Jesus at the New Museum.

Discarded fruit peels as art: Adriana Lara’s Installation (Banana Peel). (Photos by C-M.)

I’ll be up front about it: I liked the New Museum’s wunderkind show The Generational: Younger Than Jesus a whole lot more than I thought I would. The hacked turntable by Icaro Zorba was inspired, as was a YouTube-meets- the-Russian-avant-garde video by Armenian artist Tigran Khachatryan. Cyprien Gaillard has a film devoted to government architecture, with explosions and fight clubs. And Mohamed Bourouissa has some saturated, tension-filled photos, taken primarily in the Paris banlieues. Naturally, there were one liners, such as the discarded banana peel, a.k.a. the installation, above. Too institutional inside joke.

Listen to me be inarticulate about the whole mess on WNYC.

See more images and video from the show on WNYC’s blog, Art.Cult.

Also, you can find the exhibit blog here. Younger Than Jesus runs through July 5th.

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