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Miscellany. 02.18.13.

Room Where Bessie Smith Died, Clarksdale, Mississippi, by Zoe Strauss. From the photographer’s billboard series. See it large. (Courtesy of Zoe Strauss.)

Calendar. 01.18.12.

South Philly (Mattress Flip Front), by Zoe Strauss. The photographer currently has an all-kinds-of-major solo exhibit up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art called Ten Years. Be sure to check it! (Image courtesy of Zoe Strauss. To see more, check out this slideshow at the NYT.)

PLUS PLUS PLUS: I’m speaking on a panel about Bushwick this Thursday at 7pm at the Bogart Salon. I’ll be unveiling my new interpretive dance called Health Food Stores Wrapped in Corten Steel Are Harshing My Mellow. Please come!!!!

PLUS PLUS: I’m going to be part of the crew doing a continuous 48-hour reading from Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans for Triply Canopy in Greenpoint. Bring your finest Modernist language. The show gets started on Friday evening. I’ll be on stage some time Sunday around noon.

The Digest. 01.26.11.

L’il B, by Zoe Strauss. Part of her shrimp and petroleum series on the U.S. Gulf Coast. (Image courtesy of Strauss.)

Congrats to Mel for winning the C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza, LP Costa Rica edition.

Calendar. 04.29.10.

Nick’s Pizza, by Zoe Strauss. This Sunday, May 2nd, she will show a decade’s worth of pictures under I-95, at Front and Mifflin Streets, in Philadelphia. The show, titled I-95.10, will be up from 1-4pm. (Image courtesy of Strauss.)

The Digest. 07.20.09.

Cindy, by Zoe Strauss. (Image courtesy of Zoe Strauss.)

Calendar. 11.04.08.

Zoe Strauss. (Image courtesy of WCB.)